Why I started pioneering

I wanted to be a missionary as a small child… I’ve read every life story in the yearbooks and the watchtowers. I wanted to be like them! They are ready to serve wherever they were needed. That impressed me.

But when I grew older … I had so many fears. How should I do it?
I have searched excuses for myself…

  • If you earn a bit more money …..
  • If you work only part-time…
  • etc…

Then in September 2015 my older Brother started pioneering. I was so proud of him!
And I have noticed how happy he is. He told me about the experiences he had with Jehovah. I could see his eyes glowing, when he spoke of the ministry…
I know, I wanted this too… And I want it now!
But again, my fears overcome me. I did not dare…

In April 2016 a friend told me something interesting. In the “Workbook July 2016” you can find Schedules for Regular Pioneering, even when you had a full-time job.

At first, I was so exited 🎉! But then I started to read this Schedules. And I thought: Oh wow 😱. 18 hours per week sound so much! The last year I had like 3 hours per week. 😔

And I thought: Wow, this is not possible! Never, ever! I think about it a few days. And than I was like: Nobody can do this Schedule… I wanted to prove it. I wanted to demonstrate, that no one could do this. So I put this Schedule on a Test… One Month…

The Test

I started my “testing ministry” in May. Everyday immediately after work I start with informally witnessing. Then I drive to my service partner and we went into field service. On Saturday I was in Field Service in morning and afternoon. In the evening we had our weekly meeting… Four weeks of testing…

After the second week I realized something… This Schedule work!!! So I gave the elders my Regular Pioneer application… They were a bit concerned about me… They wanted me to test another month… We had several conversations about my pioneering…

But then… finally … in July 2016 I was able to start my Regular Pioneering! I was so happy!

After all… I do not regret it. This is really “The best life ever!” 

My please to you… Do not be anxious… Just test it out!



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